Be an Instructor

Learn all you need to know about building and selling your courses and programs as an instructor on the Leadership Portal.

Build an eCourse

  • Making a Flexible Course
  • Understanding Course Structure
  • Creating a Course Outline
  • Submitting Course Materials
  • Building a Lesson
  • Building a Course
  • Building an Exam
  • Creating a Badge
  • Creating a Course Certificate
  • Setting Up a Tuition-free Course
  • Setting Up a Fee-based Course

Build a Certification Program

  • Understanding Program Structure
  • Creating a Program Outline
  • Submitting Program Materials
  • Creating a Program Certificate
  • Setting Up a Tuition-free Program
  • Setting Up a Fee-based Program


  • If you have a certification program that you would like to offer in the leadership community complete our Instructor Certification Program Application
  • Visit the Community help topics to learn how to engage and participate with learners and other professionals in the community.
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