Business Philanthropy

Learn to give, serve, and receive a financial return.

The Business Philanthropy program is implemented in two (2) parts, and delivered over one calendar year. The first phase is completed in 90-days. The second phase is completed over the remaining 275-days.

The program offers participants a discovery based learning experience. A team of social entrepreneurs and inventors work together to formulate, develop, and replicate individualized tools, products, services, and programs to build a sustainable philanthropic business in the community.

This is an advanced business boot camp experience designed to lead to the launch and operation of successful social enterprises.


Part one includes Business Philanthropy Overview and the 90-day Sprint training in business philanthropy leadership principles and practices.

Part two includes Business Philanthropy Leadership and the 275-day Pace to Success Marathon focused on inspired leadership actions toward launching a profitable social enterprise business poised ready to receive investment funding or recoverable grants to further accelerate business operations.

These eCourses are an integral part of Business Philanthropy™. To learn more visit the website.

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