Business Philanthropy Overview


    This course presents the principles of Business Philanthropy and what it mean to be a Business Philanthropist focused on giving and serving in order to receive a financial return.

    Exemplary leadership actions required to accelerate business development and growth are covered, which provide a foundation for personal transformation and immediate success.


    At the end of this course, you should know how to:

    • Explain new corporate tax structures the function and purpose of each type.
    • Leverage the power of business philanthropy for your new or existing company.
    • Learn the process components needed to identify, plan, develop, and launch a successful philanthropic business operation.
    • Define business philanthropy and the benefits of using an integrated for-profit and non-profit approach to generate sustainable income.
    • Apply exemplary leadership actions to simply and accelerate personal and development and achieve business growth and success.


    • The dilemma…
    • New Corporate Structures
    • What is Business Philanthropy?
    • Leadership Readiness
    • Exemplary Leadership Actions

    Flexible Learning

    This is a FlexLearn Course. This course was designed to allow you to experience learning from multiple stimuli, methods, and devices. To maximize learning outcomes you are strongly encouraged to interact, collaborate, and  participation with the Instructor and other students in the course forum. Learning is driven by you and include multiple learning strategies:

    • Self-paced multimedia lessons/units (text, audio, video)
    • Individual and/or team assignments
    • Reflective inquiry, interaction, collaboration, and dialogue between Instructors and students in the course forum
    • Support documentation and learning materials (Required books, CDs, DVDs, eBooks, PDF documents)
    • Accessible learning modalities (mobile, virtual, self-paced, print, classroom)
    • Practice quizzes and/or exams
    • Review, evaluation, feedback, and coaching
    • Course certificates/certification and licensing

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