Reach for the Stars (EP)


Reach for the Stars is a poetic musical. A dialogue and journey. In this CD, Dr. Shinshuri leads you through an interactive musical experience with dialogue and commentary.

This musical experience takes you on a new journey to a higher level of vibrational frequency. Be a free spirit. Traverse the universe. You can soar as high as you are willing to be free.

• Where Did You Come From?
• Renewing Possibilities
• Where Do We Go From Here? (feat. Sage)
• Move Forward Don’t Look Back
• Unleash Your Greatness (feat. Don Slimz)
• With These Hands (feat. Sage)
• Come with Me
• Embrace Unknown Certainty
• At the Edge of Creation
• Reflections in the Mirror
• Reach for the Stars
• Live Life Fully
• Don’t Turn Away

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