Conscious Creation in Motion

Life is a manifestation of your conscious creation. Life is the movement of energy through intelligent design, which manifests through you.

Conscious creation happens through thoughts, feelings, beliefs, social interactions, science, technology, innovation, evolution, psychology, metaphysics, or any other creative phenomenon that we have defined to indicate or mean the activity of manifestation. We are the created and creator all in one. There is no difference. Except in your personal view of the world.

You are the author, creator, and producer of your life. You are also co-creating every life experience you have either alone or with others. Life is happening and being created simultaneously through us, by us, and with us. Your experience of living depends on where you are in consciousness. Conscious creation happens either through Ego Consciousness or Perceptual Consciousness.

Ego Consciousness

When you live from this state of consciousness, you are unaware of the fact that you cause the disdain, strife, rift, sorrow, pain, as well as the joy, happiness, tranquility, and peace in your life experiences. Whether good, bad, or indifferent you are the interloper—the master trickster. You co-create and experience all that is happening.

What is more, we develop beliefs based on others actions toward us, and others develop beliefs about us based on our actions toward them. Each of us does this without considering how we have played a significant role in all that is happening.

Our cultural norms and traditions also play a vital role in our experiences regardless of whether those traditions are misrepresented or not. All of us, have a strong predilection to co-create from the space of ego consciousness through our life experiences.

Perceptual Consciousness

When you can see beyond your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to know the truth of your life experiences as those experiences emerge, you are more capable of creating pleasant, loving, and harmonious life experiences.

This level of awareness allows you to move beyond being a reactionary participant in life to a responsive participant who co-creates in harmony within the dynamics of every situation.

From this perspective you are open to allow and be in each new moment. Perceptual consciousness gives you the ability to experience life without contrived thoughts feelings, and beliefs.

ASSIGNMENT : What is Conscious Creation? MARKS : 5  DURATION : 1 week, 3 days

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