Ego Consciousness

Your thoughts, govern your feelings, which govern your actions, and your actions can cause harm to those around you when you interact in the world from an unconscious way of being with disregard for the well being of others around you.

This unconscious behavior occurs because most of us are overwhelmed by our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs; and these metaphysical viewpoints have a direct impact in our lives because of our ability to create from an unbalanced and unconscious state of awareness. This is known as Ego Consciousness. Ego consciousness manifests whenever we hold to a specific viewpoint.

How Ego Consciousness Works

Our human body has several physical systems such as the skeletal, intestinal, muscular, and cardio vascular. We also have a meridian and chakra system.

The chakra system governs the flow of energy through the human body. There are seven primary chakra centers located in the body. These chakras have a specific purpose.

Ego Consciousness (disposition) determines how the energy flows from your crown down to the lower chakra centers through to your organs and other small chakras positioned in various locations throughout the body.

You literally have the ability to govern and regulate the flow of energy through your body based on where you are in consciousness.


When you are unaware about your conscious creations, you are benighted. You can and do cause harm to yourself and others.

This is what we know as ignorance. Not ignorant for the sake of being simply stupid. Rather, ignorant in the sense that you live and operate from the space of being unaware of your own co-creative power to produce outcomes that do not serve your highest and greatest potential. Simply put you are benighted to the fact that you are cause in everything that is happening in your life. You play a vital role in your life experiences. You create them and you experience them too. This is called the  dichotomy of life.

For example, when you become angered, become fearful, or experience emotions based on your thoughts and beliefs you cause the flow of energy to be shut off, reduced, or shifted. This causes a misalignment in your chakras due to a conscious shift in energy from present feelings you feel from your thoughts and beliefs about the present situation or experience.

The flow of energy in these moments reduces or gets distorted through your emotions, which is immediately caused by your filtration and misinterpretation of information from thoughts you have, and your beliefs about those thoughts. This can and often do lead to some immediate action or reaction. You literally cause an imbalance in your consciousness, which has an immediate and direct impact in the life experiences you co-create.

The challenge is to learn how to be in every situation and experience and live as an exemplary leader. Be a champion for your own super conscious awakening. How you choose to be, what you choose to do, and how you choose to act has a direct impact on you and everyone around you. Additionally, how you interact in the world determines the quality of the life experiences you co-create. Learning how to pay attention to where you are in consciousness is an essential personal leadership skill to develop and master.

When you can pinpoint where you are in consciousness in any given moment — in every situation, you are able to transform difficult situations into pleasant and happy ones. Remember that you are the author, creator, and producer of your life.

You are the captain of your ship. You are also co-creating every life experience you have either alone or with others. There will always be challenges in life, but how you choose to show up in each new situation will determine how others experience you and how well you are able to cultivate lifelong relationships that are respectful and kind.

Ego Observation Chart

Use the chart below to identify where you or others may be in consciousness.
Click to download a PDF version of this chart.

Chakra Name Awareness Description Examples
mystic Mystic The Ultimate Love Connection Unconditional love, peace, oneness, openness, knowledge, selflessness, forgiveness
intuitive Intuitive Ignorance Stubbornness, unconsciousness, benighted, unaware, over-thinking, cognitive dissonance
throat Throat Pride/Miserliness Resentment, regret, selfishness, lying
heart Heart Arrogance, Narcissism, Affection Sorrow, happiness, shame, guilt, love, giving
power Power Manipulation/Control Jealousy, fear, selfishness, coercion
sacral Sacral Desire/Lust Pleasure, excitement, coveting
root Root Survival instinct/Intimidation Anger, hatred, animosity, greed, pain

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