Human Manifestation

You are empowered and imbued with the creative potential, power, and energy to manifest everything. There is nothing impossible for you to achieve. You can even create impossibility as well. Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, communications, actions, and in actions are key elements to conscious creation.

We can create the extreme of all possibilities. This includes positive, negative, everything in between these two extremes, and anything that is not or has yet to be manifested or experienced. This is called transcendence. The word transcendence literally means to go beyond. It also allows for you to be expressive in powerful ways that seeks out harmony, integration, and experiential learning.

The Harmonics of Life

We understand through logic and experience. Logic is an expression of male energy through the left side of the brain. Experience is an expression of female energy through the right side of the brain.

Everything manifests through the interaction of both of these polarities. This allows each person to create, co-create, and experience together. The synergy of both energies harmonizing together creates balance and the impetus for us to expand, evolve, extend, and transcend our present life experiences and conditions.

The harmonics of life is a reduction to lower dense male and female life forms. When you take on an individual human form, consciousness reduces to the lowest level of physical existence.

It then becomes your purpose. This individualized perspective enables you to learn, grow, and evolve on your life journey while creating and experiencing your creations in every single moment of now. This is called individual consciousness. It is equally important for each person to return to singularity. The experience of oneness through the process of living. This is called universal consciousness.

Never stop creating. Never stop experiencing the creations you are manifesting. Grow to appreciate all that is happening because it is through this process that you are able to experience the whole of life and all of its variations, good, bad, indifferent, or not.

Life is a never-ending process of learning, growing, expanding, and evolving to raise our consciousness to an elevated state of awareness, which prepares each of us for continual growth and expansion infinitely at higher dimensions of existence. Are you ready to experience the magnificence and beauty of who you are and who we are becoming?

ASSIGNMENT : What is Life? MARKS : 5  DURATION : 1 week, 3 days

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