Introduction to Conscious Creation

Conscious creation is an expression of life through intelligence. Intelligence is formless. It has no shape. It is a single force of generative and regenerative energy and power.

This intelligence can manifest anywhere in the universe in a single dimension or multiple ones. It is the universe and the creator of the universe. This natural creative phenomenon happens as a single simultaneous response.

Intelligence, also called Spirit, exists outside and inside the human realm. In other words, the physical world. Intelligence cannot be described by a single symbol, idea, concept, or construct. It is all of these things, yet none of these things.

You are intelligence expressing right now. You have chosen to manifest as a human being. When you decide to create something, you set an intention at the highest and purest level.

For example, you decided “I want to experience life as a human being.” Because everything is a byproduct of the decisions you make the impetus to create is within your power, and life is a byproduct of this intelligent design. Every day is a new manifestation of life as you express, create, manifest, expand, and evolve all at the same time.

You are the most creative, powerful, force of intelligent energy in the universe. You have the ability to create and manifest whatever you want.

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