Perceptual Consciousness

You are not your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, body, or mind. You have the ability to create from a balanced and super conscious state of awareness known as Perceptual Consciousness. Perceptual consciousness exists when you do not hold to a specific viewpoint and live completely free without attachments, detachments, rejections, projections, or repulsions.

Perceptual consciousness is a place of divine connectivity where everything flows forth from your heart center. It manifests whenever you maintain an unbiased and balanced viewpoint or perspective.

You become empowered to live and be in complete alignment and freedom. This is a place of complete excitation and illumination where you understand and experience life from a singular state of awareness.

In this state, you become aware of your ability to be and live as an expression of pure intelligent power with the ability to create and manifest anything you desire.

You seek to know and experience all that is happening in life without rift, struggles, or strife. You see and allow uncontrived thought to permeate through every fabric of your being and existence.

As you hone your ability to live and be in this state of super conscious awareness, you can and will slip into ego consciousness. Whenever the ego kicks in you invoke your power to blame, misinterpret, and distort your experiences through misalignment of your consciousness. It is challenging to overcome the ego. However, if you remain vigilant with yourself you can do it.

Downplaying the ego can be achieved through observation of all that is happening within your immediate life experiences. Free yourself from the tendency to contrive thoughts about your immediate life experiences. Your contrived thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and emotions can and will distort your experiences. It is your job to remain open to how life is happening without allowing your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to control your actions and ultimately your experiences.

When you are able to identify where you are in consciousness, you can mitigate judgment of others, attempts to control and manipulate situations and people, eliminate pushing, pulling or forcing a position, and let go of all attachments to people, places and things. You can truly co-create life experiences through responsive interactions rather than reactionary behaviors.

Source of Uncommon Happiness

Uncommon happiness and bliss springs forth from a singular intelligent source. This energy source springs forth from your Mystic Chakra. This is the source of all intelligence and power in the physical and non-physical realm. No-thing can be or exist without this initial, singular creative pulse of energy.

Chakra Name Awareness Examples
mystic Mystic The Ultimate Love Connection Unconditional love, peace, oneness, openness, knowledge, selflessness, forgiveness

When there is a correct and complete alignment of the seven major chakras in the human body, you are able to generate yourself anew in each new moment, and experience uncommon happiness. You will also co-create life as a natural expression of unconditional love.

The power to establish an unfettered and balanced connection in consciousness is governed by your free will to be and live in this space of infinite power and creative potential.

Perceptual Consciousness Traits

How does a person know when he or she is in side this state of perceptual consciousness? There are several behaviors (ways of being) you must learn to adopt and master. These include:

  • Learn to silence the chatterbox
  • Overcome your recurring life patterns
  • Move beyond your doubts and fears
  • Be a lucid conduit
  • Allows Spirit to move through you
  • Live from a centered and poised state of consciousness
  • Live inside the space of transcendence
  • Learn to be an observer and respond to life situations don’t allow yourself to be reactive to life situations

Ego Purification Chart

Use the chart below to purify your ego.
Click to download a PDF version of this chart.

Chakra Name Awareness Description
mystic Mystic Inspiration and guidance received directly from super conscious awareness
intuitive Intuitive Observing awareness
(Recognition, perspective, visualizing, seeing)
throat Throat Communicating awareness
(Speaking, languages, linguistics)
heart Heart Equanimity awareness
(Calmness, poise, patience, peace)
power Power Equaminity awareness
(Equality, impartiality, parity)
sacral Sacral Discriminating awareness (Discernment, clarity, blissfulness)
root Root Reflective awareness
(Resolve, responsiveness)

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