Stepping Down in Consciousness

We exist and live by choice. We enter into the world of form because of our super conscious choice to create, learn, grow, expand, and evolve. It is an inherent part of the creation process. Every person makes a decision that results in his or her physical manifestation as an individual human being.

The process begins with conscious movement through thought, sound, action, or some other metaphysical phenomenon. Spirit individuates to take on an abstract form, extend itself as a soul and mind, then transforms into human form or manifests a physical body. The latter is known as gestation an integral part of the birth, life, and death cycle.

At this stage, you are an individual aspect of yourself—a part, a piece of the whole, separate, and experiencing yourself as a single expression of unconditional love. You are now a rendition or extension of yourself in human form. Each part of you represents a single dimension.


The spirit, soul, mind, and body makes you a four dimensional being. The first four dimensions of life is how the entire world and every living species on the planet currently experiences life in this physical realm. This is still an incomplete representation of life. There are far more dimensions and levels of creation.

As a part of this separation process, you agreed to allow yourself to fully self-express through individual and collective life experiences. You decided to embark upon a journey to unleash your greatest potential.

This process is not done in isolation. It is an inherent part of the co-creative process, a natural phenomenon of human existence. You cannot exist without others existing in this experience with you. In some way, you must interact with other aspects of yourself to create. Life is an active co-creative process.

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